Linyx Tax Preparation Software Careers

Linyx Tax Preparation Software Careers

Steps in the hiring process for sales positions:

• Register here or on our Contact Us Page and submit a profile and resume via email at

• If you meet the requirements and qualifications for the position, your resume and application will be reviewed by the Hiring Manager for interview consideration.

• Interview. Positions require two levels of interviews prior to final selection.

• Final selection is made and an offer is extended


Linyx Tax Preparation Software Services


Single Office Tax Preparation Software

This tax software solution helps you manage a single office to prepare both individual and business returns for all states.

Multiple Office Tax Preparation Software

This tax software solution gives you the flexibility to manage multiple offices preparing individual and business returns for all states.

Easy Interview

This is a client interview form that enables your front office to collect pertinent personal information from taxpayers to eventually prepare the tax returns, thus making your office more efficient and productive.

Linyx Tax Preparation Software Careers


W2/1099 software

Linyx Tax Preparation Software ServicesThis program allows you to prepare and electronically file required quarterly 941 and annual 940 forms with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Prepare W2, W3, 1099 for all your employees and other firms you manage.


Attract new clients and increase profits by offering complete, professional payroll services. You’ll print employee paychecks and generate direct deposits with ease using the straightforward, yet flexible interface. And the wide array of reports will help your clients track their payroll expenses and make crucial business decisions

Write up

Linyx Tax Preparation Software Services. The comprehensive Client Accounting Suite handles tasks from the simplest to your most complex. The intuitive user interface combines powerful capabilities, such as general ledger, trial balance, after-the-fact payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable and financial statement reporting functions. Best of all, you can seamlessly export year-end balances to the client’s tax return saving time, thus ensuring accuracy so that you can grow your practice and increase revenue.